Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Car Parking Shade | Rental Tents UAE | Party Tents | Event Tents | Wedding Tents | Tensile Shade | Sail Shade | Swimming Pool Shade | School Shade

Car Parking Shade |  Rental Tents UAE | Party Tents | Event Tents | Wedding Tents | Tensile Shade | Sail Shade | Swimming Pool Shade | School Shade

We Are Manufacturer And Supplier Car Parking ShadeArchitectural Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Car Park Cantilever Shades, Hanging Shades, School Shades, Park Shades, Resort Shades, Hotel Shades, Mall Shades, Factory Tank Shades, Industrial Shades, Machinery Shades, Shelter Shades Doom Shades and all kinds of fabricated by PVC, knitted Shade Cloth, Laminated knitted Shade Cloth (waterproof), PTFE PVC HDPE. Portable Shade Bus Park Shades,Storage Tents, Warehouse Tents, Ramadan Rental Tents, Refugee Tents, Relief Tents, Emergency Tents, Military Tents, Wedding Tents, Delux Tents, Camping Tents, Hajj Tents, Frame Tents, Marquee Tents, General Tents.


1-Ramadan Tent: Bait Al Nobala offers a unique collection of Ramadan tents for rental during the holy month of Ramadan. Visit -

2- Exhibition Halls: We are the pioneer installer of various kinds of exhibition halls. We make Halls with different specifications suitable for Industrial exhibitions, automotive exhibitions, agricultural exhibitions, etc.

3- Wedding halls: Our customized wedding hall is the ideal option for making your wedding ceremony a unique event. We offer different sizes and designs in wedding halls with interior decorations and furniture’s. Visit -

4-Ware house: We provide warehouse solutions for manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, etc. These ware houses meets all the needs in storage facilities.

5-Sports hall: Bait al Nobala is a leading provider of sports halls. These halls are ideal for conducting various sporting events indoor as well as outdoor.

6-Military tent: Bait Al Nobala’s military tents are ideal for various needs of the armed forces. These mobile tents are used for general purposes, for camping and for various missions of the armed forces.

1-Arch design: Arch design car parking is the contemporary design in parking shades. This design will blend with any architectural structures or buildings. This is the ideal car parking for residential buildings or commercial establishments.

2-Bottom support: Bottom support is the simple design parking shade fits to the budget. These shade structure is suitable for large residential and industrial parking areas.

3-Cone single pole: Offers the most modern look for parking shades. It is widely accepted for its design and is a choice for single or multiple parking needs.

4-K-Span.K-span parking shade is suitable for any climatic conditions. It can be erected easily and quickly.

5-Pyramid Arch design: Pyramid Arch design is very unique for its shape. It is a good choice for the parking shade, especially for large independent villas.

6- Pyramid design: Pyramid design shades are commonly accepted for its unique design. These shade structure is suitable for parks, open area car parking, residential area, etc.

7-SailShade: Sail shades are the best options in parking shades for larger area. It is ideal for large parking grounds, large commercial area, residential area, festival centers, etc.